About TechFinancials


TechFinancials Group is a technology developer supplying simplified trading products to online brokers worldwide. Its mission is to lead the global day trading market through innovative technology that delivers a wide array of simplified financial instruments, accessible via web and mobile.


The worldwide simplified day trading market (FX/CFD), is steadily growing and is presently worth approximately c.$335Bn (daily) in trade volume. TechFinancials is meeting this demand with its next generation solution, allowing brokers to enter a fast-growing revenue generating market benefiting from customized innovative products, with mass-market appeal.


The Group also operates its own online trading brokerages including OptionFair, and has a Joint Venture with Optionfortune, a B2C trading brand registered in Hong Kong. 

As the global market becomes more regulated the Group is well placed to maintain its competitive edge by offering trading platforms compatible with various regulatory jurisdictions. The Group intends to continue to grow its product base supported by investment in R&D, expand its global customer base and build stable, visible and profitable license-based revenues.


TechFinancials is focused on expanding into the Asia Pacific region using its technology to deliver short-term, intra-day financial products and selling them as part of a complete solution.  

The Group presently employs 120 people and conducts its operations from offices located in Cyprus, Israel, Ukraine, China and Hong Kong.

Further information can be found at http://techfinancials.com

Page Last Updated: 17 January 2018