Description of the Business


TechFinancials, Inc (AQSE: TECH) is a fintech software provider of financial trading solutions, including blockchain-based digitization of assets and traditional financial trading solutions for online brokers serving retail clients.

The Company made the strategic decision in 2017 to move into blockchain related technologies and businesses which the Board believes offers significant market potential for exponential growth in the coming years.

In line with its strategy of looking for opportunities to invest in technological innovation related to blockchain, whilst also advancing its own infrastructure in order to bring new products to the market, in February 2019, TechFinancials established in UK Footies Ltd, currently a fully owned subsidiary. The new venture is focused on enabling sports organisations to take full control over their ticket path once issued, including secondary market trading configuration and enforcement. The ultimate vision is to fully digitise sport clubs match day experience to economically benefit both fans and football clubs.

Additionally, TechFinancials holds a 97% interest in CEDEX, the first blockchain based global diamond exchange. CEDEX is a ground-breaking platform that allows investment in diamonds as a new financial asset class, using blockchain and additional proprietary technology to overcome the obstacles that prevented diamonds from participating in financial markets till today.

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